Corporate Finance

Following a historic global crisis, the financial services industry has received an unprecedented regulatory shock that has had an immediate impact on all industry activities. But there are also longer-term implications for the stability of its business model. In today’s competitive and volatile markets where capital sources appear increasingly inaccessible, corporate finance must extend across traditional financial boundaries to integrate every aspect of the business into its decision making.  

Our corporate finance practice is well positioned to help company executives address these new cross-functional and multifaceted challenges. We offer a unique combination of services integrating strategy, finance, and transaction advice. We support our clients through all phases of acquisition, divestiture, and alliance transactions—before, during, and after—and help with financial and discounted cash flow modeling and valuation. 

Because our fees are unrelated to the results of our clients’ financial transactions, our recommendations are objective and focused on clients’ long-term success. We assess all projects on whether they align with the enterprise’s global strategy, not simply short-term profitability. We also work closely with our clients to help develop the capabilities required to bring projects to fruition.

Financial Services

In mature markets retail banking faces new challenges, particularly the need to improve customer experience, manage multiple channels, and increase sales and marketing productivity while optimizing cost structures. For its part, corporate and investment banking—a global industry that includes strong French players—is exposed to unprecedented change in regulatory policy that is causing a shake-up in the industry. 

Against this turbulent backdrop we draw on our knowledge of the industry and our solid functional expertise to support large banking and insurance groups in all of their activities. We are especially committed to bringing the best practices of other industries to the financial industry, including lean management for both administrative and commercial activities. We also focus on transforming the customer experience, implementing multichannel systems, and adapting branch networks to bolster marketing and retailing. 

We develop our own medium- and long-term sector forecasts. For example, in light of the historic turnaround of the French life insurance market, we have developed several market scenarios and analyzed possible implications for the parties involved. With more than 120 partners specializing in banking and 60 others affiliated with our insurance activities in Europe, the financial services practice covers all sectors of the industry—retail banking, corporate and investment banking, private banking, asset management, life and non-life insurance—and all parts of their value chains.


Executive Leadership

Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

Productivity Solutions

We help companies create dynamic performance measurement with a focus on what really matters to the business. We build dashboards that serve as barometers of ongoing business performance and help companies devise tailored compensation systems that will reward actions and behaviors that advance the organization's goals and drive decision effectiveness. more