Style That’s Sustainable: A New Fast-Fashion Formula

We have extensive global experience at the intersection of fashion, business and finance. Our professionals are active participants and recognized thought leaders in the fashion and apparel sectors, and they draw upon relationships with key players on all sides of the industry. We help companies make strategic use of information technology and performance management systems to improve market and operating performance.  Our experience working with global corporations—from content providers and aggregators to advertisers, distribution companies, and access providers—enables us to provide integrated global insights to our clients on a global platform basis.

Shaping the Future of Shopping

We help clients with the development of their digital businesses to enhance growth and drive sustainable revenue increases, across all media sectors. We help companies build a transformation roadmap to address the sometimes significant organizational and infrastructure challenges to becoming a digital leader. Digital media engagements frequently span several areas, including growth, capability building, operations, business technology, strategy, and organization. We monitor global digital trends and work with our clients to help them rapidly respond to changing environments; we anticipate trends and help companies determine where, how, and when to compete.

Luxury Shopping in the Digital Age

Digital technology has loosened control over brand messages by creating new entertainment channels and social media networks. Mergers and acquisitions create overlapping brands within brand portfolios. And the relationships between brands and their customers have now become more open-ended as online discussions extend the brand experience after purchase. To sustain success, we build the client's institutional skills. Our work helps clients come to grips with the most difficult issues and questions relating to commercial transformations such as becoming more customer-centric; establishing structures and processes to better link marketing with the rest of the business; boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

'The Business of Creating Desire' 

We help marketing and advertisement business-units develop new strategies and approaches for a market characterized by significant shifts in media consumption, faster cycle times for ad-formats, and new entrants in the marketplace. We find that clients are looking for assistance offering distinctive products, developing ways to accurately evaluate the return on investment from new media advertising, and finding better ways to meet the needs of advertisers. We help our clients’ rethink the lines of integration between their online and offline sales and better match their go-to-market strategy to their business model.

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