Equipment Operations and Facility Management

In today’s economic environment, the need to reduce costs and increase productivity has never been greater. Add to that the increasing difficulty to lower overhead without compromising quality, service and growth.

After payroll, the cost associated with an organization’s physical working environment is generally the highest financial expense. This is where Burk Facility Management can help improve your day-to-day operations and reflect the image you want to create for your staff and clients. We deliver cohesive and cost-effective processes that reduce overall cost and increase efficiencies. This is achieved by integrating our team with your existing operations and personnel, allowing you to focus on your core business functions.

We employ custom solutions in order to create more efficient facilities, maximize employee productivity, eliminate expensive downtime through proper equipment maintenance, and extend equipment life by keeping it in optimum condition. We have the tools and expertise to deliver ongoing cost and process improvements.

  • Our collaborative and competitive approach to business operations results in:

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Increased energy-related dollar savings

  • Enhanced workplaces that support increased employee productivity

  • Tailored programs to accommodate your infrastructure requirements

  • Eliminated costly downtime through proper equipment maintenance

The difference we make is demonstrated not only in the quality of the buildings, but also in relationships that are built over time. Our focus remains on finding ways to help you keep your business ahead of the competition.

Facility and Manufacturing Operations Services:

  • Building Systems Maintenance

  • Predictiveand Preventative Maintenance

  • Landscape and Hardscape Maintenance

  • CMMS implementation and Management

  • Powerhouse Operations

  • Plant Engineering Support

  • High-voltage Maintenance

  • HVAC Maintenance

  • Office Equipment management

  • Roof Top Maintenance

  • Fire Alarm and Security System

  • Mobile Equipment

  • Production Equipment Support



Project Management

To make effective infrastructure investments, decision makers must balance a variety of economic, social, and environmental considerations. 

While infrastructure presents unique challenges, it also offers opportunities for both the public and private sector. Our Infrastructure Practice helps clients plan, build, finance, deliver, and operate infrastructure that delivers economic and social value.

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