Advance Electronics and Equipment

Our Advanced Electronics Practice supports electronic device makers; silicon, wafer, glass, and other electronic materials providers; and subassembly and component suppliers of liquid-crystal display panels, LEDs, lithium-ion batteries, and solar cells and modules. We advise clients on topics such as: operational benchmarking and performance improvement, energy efficiency and manufacturing, innovation, market entry strategy, end-market demand, pricing, sales productivity and key account management, and organization and performance management.

Industrial Technologies

The demand for automation technology is growing as companies across industries look for ways to streamline and speed production and manufacturing. This creates a significant opportunity for the makers and service providers of manufacturing control and execution systems, electric motors and drives, sensors, regulators, and robotics. We help these companies capture market opportunities and address the challenges associated with increasingly complex automation systems, fragmented value chains, diverse customer requirements, and the growing emphasis on software.

Electronic Design and Assembly

The advanced electronics industry is under intense pricing pressure, as customers push to lower end-market prices and increase market penetration. However, material, labor, and other operating costs continue to rise. With their core business generating slimmer margins, many original design manufacturers (ODMs) and component manufacturers are in search of new platforms to achieve growth targets. To create long-term value, we help these companies strike the right balance between core business performance and innovation at scale.

Our Advanced Electronics Practice supports electronic component manufacturers and distributors, ODMs, and electronics manufacturing service (EMS) firms. We advise clients on topics such as growth strategy, innovation, portfolio strategy and diversification, mergers and acquisitions, design to value, pricing, manufacturing excellence, purchasing and supply chain management, operational excellence, and performance and talent management.

Mechanical Equipment and Systems

The makers of power equipment and technology face a unique set of challenges. Energy prices continue to fluctuate. Renewables are gaining momentum, as a growing number of countries reconsider their energy use and mix. Regulations are much less fixed than in the past. Technology is evolving rapidly in some parts of the industry, while other parts are under pressure of commoditization. Unexpected players in analogous industries are becoming competitors. Our Advanced Electronics Practice helps companies turn these strategic challenges into manageable transitions or opportunities. From power generation to storage, transmission and distribution, we support clients in all phases.

We advise the equipment firms that make gas and steam turbines, boilers, and related fossil fuel products. We also support nuclear and renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro, and biomass – equipment manufacturers. We serve established companies and startups on strategy and operations, among other topics. From well-established manufacturers of pumped hydro equipment to emerging players in the battery space, we advise a range of power storage technology firms. Our consultants have deep expertise in technological assessments of equipment, battery applications in mobility, and other timely topics.


Related Practices

Managing strategy and stakeholders includes ensuring continuous alignment of the project with the business strategy and value objectives, detailed analysis of stakeholder positions, vendor management, and proactive risk identification and mitigation.

Mr. John Solomon

Mr. John Solomon

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