Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

By taking a business-driven approach to EVM investments and placing them in the context of the client’s global operating model, we can ensure that business needs and the EVM program are aligned, creating annual benefits of $100 million in some cases. We focus on several structural and process improvement levers, such as finance shared services, straight-through order processing, and harmonized procurement data, where the trade-off between customization and standardization must be evaluated.

Many companies manage their portfolios through the annual review of a single overarching budget. But such an approach can turn portfolio management into simply a series of budgeting exercises that hide a company’s true range of strategic options and obscure individual initiatives and their risks. Companies can make corrections this way, but they cannot create a truly balanced portfolio. We begin by diagnosing the potential value of a redesign, focusing on the elements that will effectively drive performance.

Those elements may include defining an organizational archetype, designing a formal management structure and optimal spans of control, and maximizing the value of the corporate center and cross-business functions by developing performance management systems, defining the appropriate level of outsourcing, developing an internal knowledge marketplace, and galvanizing social networks.

Corporate Finance and Strategy

The role and responsibilities of the CFO have evolved dramatically. Once limited to the finance function, the CFO is now, more than ever before, a strategic partner accountable for creating value across the entire business. We have the expertise to support CFOs as they transform the finance organization, shape portfolio strategies, undertake major investment and financing decisions, and communicate with investors.

Our comprehensive services span pre-construction and feasibility analysis, budget development and cost control, selection of construction partners (including public-private partnerships), and management of the entire implementation and estimating process. We support clients on asset planning and prioritization, financial projections— including resource modeling, and business and operating models.

We stands ready to meet a customer’s project delivery needs in multiple ways. We can manage construction or serve as general contractor and fully utilize our expertise in estimating and leveraging our relationships with top subcontractors. In other cases, we collaborate closely with our architectural and engineering partners to create the right design-build solutions or we can engineer, procure and construct (EPC) the project.

Estimating and Job-Cost Accounting

We help companies across all sectors transform their service operations. Working closely with our clients, we can help achieve sustained improvements in productivity of ten to twenty percent, along with a greatly improved customer experience. Senior managers today face an extremely dynamic environment that requires vigilant scrutiny and nimble management practices. Senior strategy executives, in particular, have pointed to the need to manage uncertainty better in project strategy development through flexible and adaptive strategic management practices. Those practices require ongoing dialogue on strategic issues as well as the ability to execute a new strategic plan.

Strategic enterprise portfolio management requires companies to generate growth through investment in existing businesses, developing or acquiring businesses, and exiting unprofitable ones. Doing so effectively requires taking a comprehensive approach to resource allocation. We help clients define an optimal portfolio mix by closely examining their current mix of assets, their capabilities, and their aspirations in light of the evolving marketplace. We support clients in designing tailored project solutions to specific issues and in fully redesigning their approach to strategic management and planning, as appropriate. We have access to proprietary research, tools, and approaches that have been successfully applied in various public- and private-sector contexts around the world.

Read about how we combine the latest techniques with deep industry, functional, and analytics expertise to help clients capture the most value from data.


Related Practices

Managing strategy and stakeholders includes ensuring continuous alignment of the organization with the business strategy and value objectives, detailed analysis of stakeholder positions, vendor management, and proactive risk identification and mitigation.

Business Technology

Our consultants work across industries to help executives solve their most important technology challenges, from critical applications and business processes to the implementation.