Structural Integrity without Compromise

We recognize the importance of each detail in the home and respect its role as part of the whole. Quality construction cannot be achieved without obsession for details. By analyzing our clients' goals and synthesizing programming, design, and technical coordination, we create spaces that are innovative, distinctive, and functional. For decades, we have created comfortable, welcoming designs for residences and residential developments around the world. We create elegant and carefully detailed living spaces that both answer the client's needs and continually redefine modern living.  

Flawless Fit and Finish

We design spaces for living and working. Interior performance can be measured in human and organizational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased patronage or sales. Hitting the mark means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use. Our designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality and sustainable performance.

Our success as a firm is based on our ability to help clients consistently meet their objectives on a timely and cost-effective basis. We integrate and manage the design and coordinate all construction activities, soliciting and negotiating contractor bids, awarding contracts, and directly managing the construction process with on-site supervision. This delivery approach has the added benefit of savings generated through integrated efficiencies in the coordination of planning, design and construction. Our project managers are skilled in leading the entire design, engineering, and construction process for projects or multidisciplinary programs.

A Tradition of Craftsmanship

Our team combines the skills of planners, urban designers, landscape architects and place-making specialists to offer a full complement of services addressing the built environment’s planning and design. Working in close collaboration with clients, we seek out sustainable, innovative solutions that respond to the specific conditions of a site, city or region, and the aspirations of the communities who use them.


What We Do

We bring experience, ability and craftsmanship to each assignment we undertake. A builder should possess a sense of mission for a Structure's Design and Function. By sharing the vision of the architect and the owner, we are better able to help each realize their goals for the project. Whether our role encompasses Design Build or Construction Management, we recognize the lasting impact our work has on communities. Strict control of construction schedules and budgets helps assure that projects are completed as promised.


Executive Leadership

Mr. John Spencer

Mr. John Spencer

Mr. David Hamilton

Mr. David Hamilton


We help our clients decide what to build, how to do it more affordably and quickly, and how to enhance the existing infrastructure.