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Finding the right software platform to help support project management can be the stuff of nightmares. Very few provide the capability and adaptability required for a transformation. Most seem to fall between two extremes. Some provide too little functionality, leaving significant gaps in areas such as impact tracking and content sharing. The rest are so complex that configuring and deploying them can take almost as much time as the transformation itself. But what exactly makes a platform ‘right?’ In our experience, the three key management factors are:


The platform must function as an integrated and centralized project-management system. It should provide a structure to define and monitor initiatives across the whole organization, including initiative design and contribution, task assignment, implementation oversight, and reporting. And above all, it must be configured properly to capture the right information – without incorporating unnecessary nitty-gritty details –to track initiatives end-to-end and serve as ‘one source of truth’ for the entire organization. If the platform isn’t systematic and user-friendly and configured precisely to your needs, it will slow user adoption and waste both time and money - and you end up with paralysis by analysis.


The platform also needs to be flexible enough to support changing priorities as both your organization and the scope of the transformation program evolve. This could mean, for instance, incorporating a feedback loop or new areas of focus resulting in new initiatives and new metrics to measure impact. For example, a question you could ask yourself is: “If my original focus is on purchasing and the supply chain and it then shifts to add in logistics a year into the program – can I easily adapt the platform and still have meaningful reports and a meaningful tracking system even though I now have two components feeding into it?” If the answer is no, then you may need to rethink your platform provider.


It must support change from the outset of the program right the way through to ongoing improvements even after the transformation program itself has been concluded. Companies need a platform which will enable them to systematically identify problems, diagnose their root causes, and resolve them through continuously creating and refining initiatives. And the system needs to be set up in such a way that everyone can contribute. The more people embrace and contribute to the platform, the more successful the program is. If people aren’t engaged with the platform, it’s a slow fizzle and people drop off and resort to old habits, such as everybody creating their own, private Excel spreadsheets, and the platform becomes a white elephant.


Critical-Path One™ is a collaborative project management platform that helps organizations achieve impact that matters. Critical-Path One’s (CP-1) flexible platform supports project managers where agility is vital to achieving sustainable results, not just project completion. From capturing ideas, prioritizing, and scheduling activities to implementing and reporting on progress and financial and operational impact – we help you deliver impact, quickly.


*Critical-Path One is delivered by Burk Solutions, an integral part of Burk subsidiaries.


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