Supporting Durable Solutions, Post-Disaster Displacement

The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010 sparked a massive displacement crisis in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding metropolitan area, home to an estimated 2.8 million residents at the time. At the peak of the crisis, over 1,500 camps sheltering 1.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) were scattered across Port-au-Prince and surrounding regions. In addition, thousands of IDPs sought shelter with friends and family. Four years later, approximately 147,000 IDPs remain in 271 camps. While these declines are dramatic, it is difficult to determine the extent to which those uprooted by the earthquake have been able to access truly durable solutions to their displacement, and what should be done to support solutions for those who are still displaced.

National Disaster Risk Management

We help business and government leaders take immediate control of the crisis situation, stabilize their organizations, and accelerate and deliver on recovery. Key to the value we bring is our deep understanding of how crises unfold. We know what the breakpoints are and act preemptively to protect them—containing problems before they blow up and proactively managing critical stakeholders.

Our teams, including senior advisers with deep institutional, government, and military experience, have helped business and government leaders manage many serious crises and their aftermath. Across every major industry and region, we understand how crises unfold. We are uniquely placed to help clients foresee the impact of their crisis-response decisions, and we bring tried-and-tested skills and tools to help them quickly restore performance, return to stability, and tailor interventions for rapid and effective recovery.

Rapid Mobilization

Our teams move fast to help clients stabilize crises and deliver an integrated response while maintaining performance. We activate a specialized crisis-response team within 24 hours, integrating all the types of support needed—operational, reputational, financial, regulatory, and market. We move fast to help our clients establish a central control room to coordinate every aspect of the response and work with them to maneuver through the critical decisions that can lead them out of the crisis.

Integrated, Top-Leadership Perspective

We provide the judgment, strategic tool kits, global experience, and integrated point of view required to be true counselors to business heads and government leaders. We help our clients bring together multiple internal functions and external providers around one central plan, along the entire crisis life cycle. We also help leaders shape clear crisis-response messages, prioritize resources, and deploy key talent where it is needed most.

Proprietary Solutions

We have developed a powerful suite of crisis-response methodologies and solutions. These help clients set up best-practice crisis-control rooms in a matter of hours or days, rapidly assess the effect of crises on their cash flow, and pinpoint the stakeholders with the greatest potential impact in resolving or deepening the crisis. Our scenario-building tools help forecast how the crisis might unfold—and prepare preemptive actions. Our recovery program templates and rapid design tools ensure accelerated long-term recovery.

Drawing on our expertise in every major industry, we help our clients find and address the root cause of the crisis—not just the immediate problem. We shape change programs that build resilience and aim to minimize future risks so clients recover stronger than before. Our support includes rapid design and implementation of new business capabilities and processes—ranging from claims processing to complex capital repair to climate resilience strategies—to rebuild performance and stakeholder trust.


Executive Leadership

Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

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Mr. David Solomon

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