Bringing a Healthy Dose of Pragmatism to Strategy

We facilitate implementation to integrate critical path method principles into all aspects of our projects. Our experts collaborate with the field teams to develop a feasible, coordinated master plan and rollout strategy. We also coach the project team to help them develop the skills needed to sustain the effort and facilitate future implementations.

Through the use of such qualitative and quantitative tools as data analyses and benchmarks, management interviews, field observations, and expert assessments, we pinpoint the project status and reveal project gaps and improvement opportunities.

CPM Schedule Development and Status Updates

We have experience in helping our clients review and entirely redesign, fine-tune, or supplement their planning and scheduling approaches. Whether focused on global resource planning for an enterprise or strategic planning for one or more projects, our recommendations are grounded in the same principles. Our portfolio of schedule management solutions encompasses an array of integrated capabilities designed to give our clients the full support they need to meet their cpm scheduling objectives.

Over the long term, strategic planning yields major benefits by continuously evaluating your company’s performance against strategic goals and using benchmarks to tell you how external changes are affecting your progress. Our insights and methodology will ensure that your portfolios and resources remain aligned with your overall objectives and strategies and help you develop the agility to quickly respond to project changes.

Third-Party Schedule Validation

Built into every project plan is a set of assumptions. We benchmark the execution assumptions that underpin each project plan and quantify the probability that each project can be executed as intended. The analysis will answer questions such as these: How productive must the team be to execute this plan, and what are the chances of that happening? What percentage of teams of this size are able to deliver “x” complexity units in “y” weeks? Which of my projects has the highest risk of slipping schedule? The analytics allow users to quantitatively measure and visualize schedule risk and therefore to set competitive, aggressive, but achievable project targets.

Project Restructuring and Schedule Recovery

Successful projects are rooted in and guided by a strong business case. Unfortunately, in our experience, design and construction issues can quickly hijack projects. And decision makers can lose sight of long-term investment goals. Many owners lack the resources to manage contractors and, at the same time, protect their broader business objectives. We support owners planning building projects by developing business cases aligned with their long-term strategic objectives, by ensuring rapid and effective decision-making through our proprietary shareholder management services and by performing key analyses to monitor the progress, economics, and risk associated with the project.

We represent sponsors, lenders, equity investors, and other interested parties in restructuring projects where one or more of its major project participants becomes financially impaired. Our work ranges from acute crisis and liquidity management to large-scale restructuring and transformation. We focus on holistic solutions, addressing operational, financial, and organizational problems in time-critical and distressed situations.

Schedule Delay Mitigation and Disruption Analyses

We have extensive expertise and a strong track record in applying advanced analytics to risk-related topics across a variety of industries. We turn data into actionable insights and improved performance. We focus on hand-built, one-of-a-kind solutions that work around a client’s specific data, process, and project constraints while creating a comprehensive advantage. In doing so, we deploy field-tested solutions customized to each client as well as proprietary diagnostic tools that help accelerate execution and impact.

In close cooperation with our dispute resolution practice, we advise our clients on risk management solutions. As a result, our clients gain a clearer perspective of their most important risks and the related returns as well as of the structure of their portfolio of risks and how they can use insights to improve strategic, financial, and operational decision-making (e.g., on risk mitigation, portfolio adjustments, contracting, or risk-based strategy).


Related Practices

We work closely with owners and contractors to achieve higher life cycle returns for their large capital projects in less time and with greater predictability by moving from traditional cpm schedule management to an activity-focused project approach for end-to-end project delivery.

Business Technology

We help clients improve performance by designing portfolios—supported by resource reallocation, integrated strategies, and planning processes—that position them for success.