Project Strategy and Execution

By applying design-to-value, strategic sourcing, general and administrative benchmarking, lean operations and maintenance practices, and capital project optimization, we help clients improve the operations and overall economics of their assets. We support clients in restructuring and righting capital projects. Our knowledge of key functional topics, such as procurement, project management, risk, and regulation, helps us advise on specialty areas and subcontractor negotiations. We serve both owner teams and contractors.

Whether supporting a project strategy, a project-cost optimization, or a project recovery, we deliver significant, sustainable impact for our clients. Our growing team of Infrastructure consultants, supported by research analysts and experts, constantly test, refine, and expand our knowledge of the construction industry. We combine this knowledge with functional expertise in areas such as lean, organization and risk, and a deep understanding of engineering and construction segments, including transportation departments, institutional investors, and utilities, to help drive financial and performance improvement.

Cost and Productivity Improvement

In recent years, we have supported engineering firms and construction companies on a variety of strategic, operational, and organization topics. To help clients deliver complex projects on time and within budget, we apply value-driven end-to-end project strategy, design-to-value, best-practice procurement, and lean construction principles. Examples of our client work include:

Organization, Governance, and Talent Management

We help clients build governance models that balance cohesion with local entrepreneurship and at the same time, maximize synergies and account for portfolio risk. Recognizing the importance of project management, we help clients expand the skill set and accelerate the development of their project managers. We also support clients as they implement performance management and incentive systems that attract the best talent and drive continuous organizational improvement.

Project Management Tools and Solutions

Burk’s Strategy and Trend Analysis Center (STAC) is a state-of-the-art center of expertise for data and analytics in corporate finance, macroeconomics, and strategic foresights. It comprises a multidisciplinary team of experts, almost all of whom hold advanced degrees in economics, finance, the sciences, and other analytic disciplines. This team has developed a series of advanced databases, analytical methods, data visualization techniques, and specialized know-how. When combined with our strong expertise in execution, STAC helps our clients get to deeper strategic insights, faster.