Commodity-Backed Securities

For governments, corporations, investors and financial institutions worldwide, we provide full service commodity risk management and financing services, covering sectors such as oil, refined products, natural gas, power, bulk commodities, metals and agricultural products. Our expertise in cash and derivative products, along with our deep knowledge of our markets and clients allows us to offer solutions and market insight to help clients manage global interest rates exposures and hedge macroeconomic risks, such as inflation and growth.

We help private companies and public-sector bodies make better-informed strategic decisions through a deeper understanding of the evolution of power markets, technological developments, and global, national, and local energy landscapes. Supported by experts in technology development, fuel markets, and clean tech, our teams work closely with clients to develop and interpret scenarios, benchmark performance against industry peers, and strengthen internal capabilities for managing market uncertainty. We bring deep expertise in simulating the evolution of power markets and assessing the implications for long-term portfolio planning, asset valuation, and investment. We help generators, energy companies, end users, investors, and regulators to understand shifts in the fuel mix and wholesale market structures and capture opportunities while mitigating risks.

With our foreign exchange teams around the world, we deliver both the global reach and local knowledge that are key to our clients’ success. Industry professionals, along with recent surveys and polls, recognize our team’s strategic consultation skills, superior execution, award-winning technology and excellence in research through the firm’s Global Investment Research division. Our international teams offer superior expertise across derivative and physical products, world-class block trading and leading commodities research through the firm’s Global Investment Research division. We carefully select our wealth advisors and investment professionals and vet them through a stringent recruiting process. Even experienced professionals receive unusually extensive training to help them meet clients’ high expectations. Our client efforts are always guided by First Business Principle: Our clients’ interests always come first. Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.