Improving Business through the use of Technology

Innovation is critical to growth, particularly as the speed of business cycles continues to increase. We define innovation as creativity plus delivery, helping our clients transform their innovation performance by focusing on four requirements for innovating at scale: strategy, procurement, execution, and organization. We support clients as they develop a clear innovation strategy that meets their business-growth targets and strategic objectives. We do this by helping clients understand the gap between actual and aspirational performance that innovation needs to fill, then set financial targets related to innovation, the metrics required to measure performance, and the strategic areas on which to focus investments.

We have a variety of exclusive approaches for helping clients get higher returns from their investments in research through better execution. Using proprietary benchmarks along with in-depth diagnostic tools and capability-building methodologies, we support clients in improving and sustaining the productivity of their R&D functions. We also help clients build the types of repeatable, error-free, scalable processes that are necessary for both incremental and breakthrough innovation.

To create an environment that promotes innovation, we help clients motivate talent by organizing people in the right roles and then arming them with the tools to be successful. We help clients design an organizational structure to execute their specific R&D strategy, addressing issues such as talent management and development, culture change, global collaboration, performance management, external collaboration models.

Strategy and Organization

Based on our global experience, input from several major corporations’ CIOs, and a global benchmark database, we have defined both what the objectives and criteria for an IT strategy should be, but also what supporting enablers like processes, organization, and governance should look like. We have also calibrated these to ‘archetypes’ based on the business objectives. This gives us distinctive insight across all levers in how a CIO and CEO should think about the IT function’s strategy.

Our consultants bring a deep understanding of the client's industry, technology trends, and business needs to help develop an IT strategy that will support and enable the broader business goals. These strategies draw heavily on our experience in helping clients redesign IT functions such as application development, infrastructure, sourcing, or lean IT, and on our knowledge of business strategy and sector dynamics.

We help clients build the technology architecture, data governance, and organizational capabilities to capture the potential of advanced analytics. We help clients frame their strategic aspirations for analytics, map business use cases to technical solutions, design technology architectures and data governance structures, and develop broader organizational capabilities to support analytics across the enterprise.

Successfully implementing an IT strategy requires an organization and governance model tailored to the IT strategy. We help support IT strategy execution by designing the right models, decision-making processes, incentives, and metrics.


Executive Leadership

Mr. John Spencer

Mr. John Spencer

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Mr. David Hamilton

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