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Transforming and digitizing business processes is often a painful, multi-year marathon. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Organizations can make advances that are rapid, tangible, and transformative by combining: a zero-based approach to process redesign, lean process transformation, and agile approaches to software development.

We help large organizations digitize end-to-end business processes and services—anything from customer acquisition to procurement—in as little as 16 weeks. Working at this rapid pace demands a high degree of cross-functional alignment among executives and intense collaboration on the ground. Our fact-based approach, industry-specific expertise, and deep understanding of technology help to make this possible.

To accelerate progress we draw on proprietary digital-process templates, a library of world-class case examples, and a set of digital operations archetypes as the starting point for each project.

Three Things Distinguish our Approach

Transformation, not incremental improvement

We take a zero-based approach to process/service re-design, creating new business processes based on best practice examples drawn from across sectors. We help clients achieve step-change improvements in simplicity, speed, and end-user experience. For customer-facing processes, we put special focus on designing a distinctive, seamless, and simple customer journey and experience.

Rapid prototyping application development, and continuous customer testing

Our Digital Labs delivery team comprises expert designers, developers and technology project managers who combine Agile software development with expertise in mobile, cloud, and big data. Working as fully integrated members of our project teams, they translate new processes into prototypes that deliver the full user experience in a matter of weeks or even days. Rapid iteration in response to direct user feedback not only leads to better solutions but also generates internal momentum. Full-scale applications are delivered typically within 2–3 months.

Integration and scale

Our technologists and process experts work hand-in-hand with clients to integrate new processes and applications with existing decision models, workflows, document management, and back-end systems, streamlining and adapting where needed. By quickly integrating prototypes into production systems we build a “minimal viable product”—that is, the most basic version of a production-ready digital solution that delivers value to customers and to the business. Finally, we help to bring new digital processes and services to scale, typically though a “reverse takeover” approach that steadily increases transaction volume as the new operating model is optimized and confidence rises.

Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

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