Charting A Growth Path for a Newly Public Company

How we helped a financial-services firm boost profitability and establish a digital and M&A strategy.

A financial-services firm needed to improve its returns prior to an IPO, then find new avenues for growth. We helped the client boost profitability and set a digital and M&A strategy that made a significant impact:

Client's Challenge

"How do we set the stage for our next act?"

The client's profitability and growth projections trailed those of its competitors—not a great way to attract investors for its upcoming IPO. The new CEO also wanted to review the performance of all business units, fine-tune the investment strategy, and embrace digitization to capture new opportunities and better integrate operations.

How We Worked Together

Over the course of a five-year relationship, we helped the client in several areas:

  • developed a successful plan for improving margins
  • implemented a lean-management program to break down internal silos, improve performance-tracking metrics, boost efficiency, and forge a team culture across the organization
  • refreshed the strategy for every business unit and the overall enterprise, using such analytics tools as the Corporate Performance Diagnostic
  • created a plan to digitize the firm and transform the company into a more integrated digital enterprise
  • revamped its M&A strategy by viewing its operations through an activist investor's lens (considering, for example, where such an investor might see untapped opportunities for value creation)

“We've worked closely with the CEO, the CFO, and the senior executive team over a 5-year period, and we continue to help them implement the plans we've created together. We're gratified that the client feels our collaboration has been critical to the company's success.” —Burk director


  • Since the IPO, the client has outperformed its peers.
  • An investment of more than $300 million in digitizing the company is producing over $100 million in incremental earnings.
  • The cultural-change program has proved to be the single highest-impact initiative the company has undertaken.