Developing China's Business Leaders

Today, companies in China are under pressure along various fronts, from rising labor and resource costs, to low energy efficiency, to a lack of organizational capabilities. Surmounting these challenges often demands no less than a complete transformation in the way a company operates. 

To help our clients in China close their execution capability gaps, Burk is now offering a new economical service model to help our clients build scalable, lasting, institutional capabilities—the Burk China Leadership Institute (BCLI). BCLI’s primary mission is to help companies build the individual and institutional capabilities they need to take their organizations to the next level of performance, and to do so at scale. BCLI offers a suite of comprehensive capability building programs designed around the major business management functions: Organization, Operations, Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Corporate Finance and Business Technology, as well as core management skills. 

BCLI deploys a comprehensive set of training approaches to ensure that companies build the capabilities they need to succeed. The programs have been designed around our collective knowledge on how adults learn, how organizations learn, and how change programs stick. Above all, we emphasize hands-on, highly interactive programs that ensure participants acquire and retain new skills and capabilities. 

The programs are led by senior Burk consultants and backed by our extensive global experience in serving the world’s leading companies on performance transformation and business excellence programs.  

Stand-alone Capability Building Programs

BCLI’s stand-alone capability building programs represent a whole new way of working with Burk to build the capabilities that your organization needs. You may already be well underway in your transformation process, but have identified several key capability gaps that need to be filled. BCLI can provide a solution that fits your capability building needs. BCLI offers training programs across a range of critical functional and general management areas. Stand-alone programs deliver exceptional impact and value in a short time frame, ranging from one day to two weeks, for example.  

Capability Building Programs Integrated into Burk Engagements

You may decide to integrate the BCLI training programs into a broader transformation or business excellence program supported by Burk. This would likely be a multi-phase project lasting several months and addressing a range of strategic, organizational, operational and commercial issues. Through this engagement model, you can leverage Burks deep experience helping large industry-shaping companies in China to plan and implement far-reaching transformation programs by closing capability gaps. Embedded programs ensure that capabilities are “baked into” your organization, ensuring lasting results. 

Flexible Location

Onsite With onsite programs, BCLI brings capability training directly to you. There are several reasons why you might prefer to conduct these programs at your office location. You may want to integrate the program into your organization as fully as possible, or to closely monitor employee participation and impact. Offsite. Programs can also be conducted at a conveniently located hotel or resort, offering comprehensive meeting facilities and a comfortable, private setting. Delivering capability building programs at an offsite location allows your people to step away from their day-to-day work and focus more intensively on the content of the program they join.


Our Pedagogy

Our courses focus on what professionals need to be able to do, not just what they need to know – with expert stories communicating the tacit knowledge that is fundamental to expertise and that provide guidance when basic principles “break” in novel situations.