Streamlining Business Support Functions

Over the last ten years automotive sales in emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil have proven to be not only resilient but, until recently, more robust than many experts would have predicted. China, for example, is the largest market as measured by vehicle sales, and until 2015 it was also the fastest-growing market in the world. Doing that well requires a carefully defined product and brand strategy, a lean and efficient supply chain, a high-performing organization with the right mix of local talent, and a tightly planned and executed implementation process. Our expertise and global scale allow us to bring a fundamentally different approach to serving clients in the automotive-and-assembly business. We have an unparalleled track record of delivering client impact across a wide range of topics. We can address strategic challenges such as developing growth strategies or go-to-market strategies, but we also have expertise in portfolio strategy, sales excellence, and large-scale transformation programs. Our operations expertise extends from capital productivity to product-development processes and research and development efficiency.

In addition, we have on-the-ground experts who understand the local markets. Our product development excellence program and supply chain analysis can provide breakthroughs in efficiency and investments, no matter the length or complexity of the supply chain. We also help manufacturers design, develop, and produce vehicles, working side-by-side with development teams to arrive at a cost point that meets both budgetary and performance targets. Depending on the nature of different engagements, these and other resources are brought to bear to help solve client problems efficiently and effectively.

Managing the Supplier Interface

We help clients design and implement global manufacturing processes to increase plant performance and improve supplier coordination. We blend that industry perspective with time-tested business acumen to deliver superior results. This strategic thinking includes in-depth evaluation of network configuration, capital productivity, and plant-level information and communication flow. We have a strong track record of serving assembly specialists and tool manufacturers by leveraging the professional experience of our consultants in automotive and engineering disciplines to help build institutional skills, create growth strategies, and identify and implement cost reductions.

Managing Resource-Productive Operations

The machinery industry is quite diverse, and many of our clients face similar challenges. To effectively serve our clients, we have built a committed group of experts focused purely on machinery topics. For example, to help these companies deepen their core competencies of great engineering and design of distinctive products, we work with them to develop finely tuned strategies and detailed customer insights. Many of our insights have been drawn from high-volume industries, but we have customized each to the environment and the challenges faced by machinery clients. The depth and breadth of our expertise is unmatched. We serve clients at every level of their organizations, in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether as trusted advisors to top management or as hands-on coaches for front-line employees. Our solutions are practical, intuitive tools that help people at all levels of an organization generate the insights they need to address both strategic and day-to-day decisions. We work closely with clients to embed our tools, analytics, and expertise and provide ongoing support to help them build the capabilities they need to revolutionize how decisions are made. We equip decision makers in both public and private sectors with key insights to make faster, more informed decisions and uncover new sources of value.