Aesthetically Distinctive and Contextual

We are a global integrated multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, strategists, futurists, researchers, and industry specialists driven by a singular goal—to help solve our clients’ and society’s greatest challenges. As a discipline, design is more than pleasing the eye. It’s the heart of a holistic approach to deeply understanding customers in order to better meet their needs. We believe that architecture and engineering is inextricably integrated with use, place, aspirations and cultural traditions. Architecture is at the heart of who we are. With every project, we roll up our sleeves and co-create with our clients to design architectural solutions that fulfill their needs and push beyond preconceived ideas. We address requirements and constraints with the right mix of analytical thinking, creativity, artistry, technology, and strategy— delivering architecture and engineering that enriches the human experience, and improves the quality of life for today and the future. We use this approach with every project, from humble community buildings to iconic landmark structures. Ultimately, we create architecture that transforms our clients’ ambitions into useful and appealing environments.

We see planning as a vital part of the built landscape, a process that begins with the development of a hierarchical organization of spatial relationships between buildings and the surrounding built or natural context. Our work takes place in a variety of settings from established downtowns to new communities to university campuses. Our designs are considered at every scale and from multiple perspectives that inform and influence each other, resulting in unique, innovative, and yet completely practical solutions.

We provide both institutional knowledge and leadership to see a project both inwards and outwards when approaching every facet of design. We offer a full spectrum of architectural design exquisites, encompassing many building types: large-scale master plans, corporate headquarters and other office buildings, hotels and resorts, restaurants and retail stores, facilities for sports and recreation, health-care facilities, civic projects such as embassies, courthouses and monuments, and a wide variety of university buildings, museums, theaters, public libraries, housing, and private residences. 

Artistic and Humanistic

Powerful interior spaces make a difference in our lives. These spaces are where we come to work, heal, learn, and live. Across every market we serve, our team designs thoughtful interior environments by engaging key stakeholders through proprietary and proven processes to enhance culture and achieve their goals. In our work, we never lose focus on the human experience of space, and we are committed to achieving design solutions that enrich lives and empower individuals, teams, campuses, organizations, and communities.

Creating an inviting sense of place with respect to the surrounding environment is an integral part of any good design. Our master plans provide a comprehensive look at where an organization is today and what it’s going to take to make its ideal future a reality. Underlying all that we do is the ideal of making places where we ourselves, and ultimately many others, will want to live and work. Our process evaluates the physical, environmental, and social forces that have an impact on a space then incorporates creativity and collaboration to fully realize our client’s vision. By coordinating efforts with engineers, contractors, and governing bodies, we ensure that the site complements the building, supports intended use, and strikes a balance with the existing environment.

Ornamental and Decorative

Our Interior Studio often custom designs furniture and artwork that complement the firm’s architecture and interior. Our design solutions result from a business process that encourages multidisciplinary professional teams to research alternatives, share knowledge, and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of the built environment. Using a holistic approach that incorporates how people live, work, learn and play, we create enduring, deeply human design solutions. We help bring innovative architecture to life by mapping the underlying technological and operational requirements. We make it a practice to continuously engage with our clients to understand their opportunities and challenges over the lifetime of our partnership together. We do not view our relationships through the lens of a project but rather dedicate ourselves to our client’s overall success.